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Professional Bookkeeping

Our professional team can provide a full range of accounting services, from preparing general ledgers to readying trade debtors/ creditors listing and ageing analysis. Depending on the complexity of the operation, we can provide monthly, quarterly or yearly bookkeeping services.


By preparing the accounting books on a web accounting basis, you will have full transparency on your company's income and spending, and information required for any financial decisions. Depending on your needs, we can subdivide your performance results based on projects and business units. 

Accounting System

Setting up Accounting System

Our accounting team can provide a wide variety of services to ensure that you can stay on top of your company's accounts. We can recommend and advise accounting systems that will best suit your needs. Xero, Sage50, QuickBook are our preferred software of use, but other alternative software can be provided if requested. By setting up the accounting code, and debtors/ creditors listing, we will help you to run the accounting system smoothly. 

By outsourcing to CC accounting, you will be worry-free. With our expertise, we will make your books ready for audit, review and tax filing on time.

Payroll HR

Payroll and HR outsourcing

Our team will reliably handle all of your payroll and human resources management needs. We offer a broad selection of services, such as employment contracts, monthly payroll calculations, CPF, and Employment Insurance (UK:  NI and PAYE calculations). Our team can handle all of these tasks with confidentiality, and ensure that all of your requests are fulfilled in a timely and professional manner.

Budgeting and forecasts

Working with the management, we can assist our client to set a financial budget/plan. Based on existing conditions, we can help the client to estimate the performance that can be achieved in the future. By comparing the budget and forecast, we can help the client to see whether the financial budget would be achieved, predict when the client can achieve the final budget, and set a financial target for the remaining period. 

Depending on the client's needs, we can set different models based on their budget and forecast. We can assist the client’s budgeting processes on an entity basis as well as on a project basis. You can depend on us for flexibility and professionalism. 

Overseas Business

Incorporation of Overseas entities and expanding business overseas

Although our main operation in PEI is providing bookkeeping and accounting services, CC accounting Ltd has affiliates working with us in different parts of the world, such as London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. We can help your business to incorporate the company or set up a business there. In addition to those jurisdictions where we have an establishment,  we can set up companies in other common jurisdictions such as BVI and Seychelles. 

Expatriate services

To expand your business, it is a good idea to mobilise your talents worldwide. CC Accounting can help you relocate your people and their expertise anywhere. Although transferring employees abroad for short/long-term assignments or on a permanent basis is not an easy task, CC accounting can offer you a comprehensive and tailored service. 

Managing overseas accounting offices

With the help of cloud based accounting software, we can manage your accounting books overseas. While you are sitting in your office in Canada, all the books, records and supporting documents can be reviewed at any time. 


While you focus on marketing activities, we offer our expertise to ensure that the incorporation will meet all legal requirements within the chosen jurisdiction. The incorporations we offer are on a full-service basis with all initial documentation completed and officers appointed where it's appropriate.


We also can help investors to analyze new markets, understand market conditions and opportunities in Hong Kong, China, the UK and PEI, advise you on the most viable form of entry into the market, and explore all possibilities such as exporting and importing from or to overseas markets.

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